Our Team

My name is Zophia Raleigh, I am a 7th generation entrepreneur, and I created the idea for Beverage Beast. I have a background in sales and marketing from an internship in Scottsdale, Arizona; a combined three years of experience working retail through Starbucks and Dairy Queen; and over nine years of involvement in farm management. I am pursuing a degree in Agricultural and Food Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Business, this entails a plethora of classes geared towards market research, financial analysis, and business management. I also have over seven and a half years of experience in the Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, this opportunity has broadened my knowledge of communication, followership, and strategic organization through various level of leadership starting at front line management and moving to executive leadership. Through several months of hands-on and in the field training through situational leadership exercises I have had the opportunity to experience the time and effort required to make an organization that facilitates cooperation work. I plan to bring this background to Beverage Beast to create a strong business plan and product.

My name is Colin Willer and I am a sophomore double majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and Supply Chain and Operations Management and minoring in Applied Economics.  I have a background working with a mid-sized agricultural company that my dad is a partner in, which has exposed me to entrepreneurship my whole life.  I was also a business development intern for that company this past summer so I worked with analyzing new business opportunities that the company had.  This internship also gave me some experience in financial and operational analysis as well.  I feel that I can leverage my background and bring a good sense of business knowledge to the group in order to help Beverage Beast become successful in the coming future.

My name is Lauren Bazley and I am a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Management and Business Law. I have background in an entrepreneurship competition called Business World in which participants pitch a product to local Wisconsin investors as well as competing for the best marketing and financial teams. My team and I were fortunate enough to win first place overall and first and second place respectively from our financial and marketing teams. I am passionate about specifically corporate law and hope to be involved in Minneapolis`s business and legal community in the future. This perspective is useful to this venture in that it deals with the finer details of making the Beverage Beast a reality.

My name is Courtney Simonson and I am a junior majoring in Sports Management and minoring in Leadership and Chinese. I have a background in Sports Sales and Ticketing Operations. This will be my second season with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx working in their Business Intelligence department as a Ticketing and Sales intern. This has not only exposed me to the business world, but also the fast-paced world of sports and ticketing. I’ve been able to network with so many incredible people through this organization and I can’t wait to see where this internship takes me. I’m really excited to be able to promote Beverage Beast throughout various social media platforms and other forms of technology.

My name is Jing Li, I am a senior majoring in Statistics and minoring in Management. I have a background in sales from a retail store and a food company. Working in these companies helped me build up strong customer services skills and helped me to analyze the concept of consumer psychology. I have an internship working with China EverBright Bank CO., LTD, which helped me gain more financial knowledge as well as training myself to pay close attention to details. Leadership in Latin Dance Club and Chinese Student Union has also built up my marketing strategy, problem-solving, and organization skills. I wish to continue my education by applying and developing my knowledge within a graduate program. I plan to bring my passion and skills to Beverage Beast and provide benefit to the team in the marketing and financial areas.

My name is Mackenzie Goetting and I am a sophomore majoring in Agriculture and Food Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Business Management. I have gained valuable customer service experience through working as a server at various restaurants, including the Rochester Golf and Country Club where I was able to network with many prestigious business people of the area. Recently, I have been learning more and more about the field of marketing and what it entails. Marketing has really peaked my interest and I hope I can apply the skills I have learned to get the Beverage Beast brand out to the world and gain some real-world experience that can propel me to other ventures in the future.

My name is Takara Thomas, and I am a third-year undergraduate Landscape Architecture student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I have experience and a passion for art and design, having produced many works for the school, friends, and the public. I enjoy designing for the user, taking into account all aspects of the customer experience. In addition to this, I am the president of the Minnesota Kpop Dance Crew, which has given me experience with leadership, group work, and managing finances. I hope to aid Beverage Beast in creating an innovative design that will be compact, convenient, and ultimately helpful to the user.